We start with the finest, high performance yarns. We combine these with sock constructions and designs that optimize the fit and function of the socks.
Our socks are produced on the most modern equipment in the world, giving us access to every conceivable feature that can be incorporated in a sock.
Our goal – to produce socks, that conforms to standards of quality, functional, and have a good look.
Below are some of our production capabilities

Flat toe seams
There is probably no greater item that can cause discomfort in a sock than a bulky toe seam. We use specially developed flat toe seams in all of our socks to ensure that you don’t even notice they are there.

Comfort toe seam
New technology, which has worked well in our circle of customers. Sewing the toe zone moved down so that the consumer does not feel the seam and does not see it.

Y-Heel Construction
A Y-heel is a feature introduced in the knitting of the sock that creates a slightly deeper heel pocket making the sock shape more anatomically correct. Y-heels serve to contour the heel of the sock more exactly to the foot and help reduce the incidence of the sock slippage into the shoe.

The reinforced areas strengthen the sock and makes it last longer. It protects the sole of the foot, the heel and toes from abrasion and blisters. Also features a slight cushioning effect.

Graduated compression
Different levels of compression in the sock, highest around the ankle and then a gradual decrease further up on the shaft, prevent swelling and improve blood circulation.

Arch Support
An arch support is an added band of spandex that is knit into the sock in the arch area of the foot. An arch support serves two functions: providing support to the arch area of the foot and reducing slipping of the sock on the foot.

Of course, this is only a small part of our capabilities. Product quality also depends on the yarn, processing equipment, and, of course – from our employees who have greater knowledge, skills and experience in the manufacture of hosiery