About Us

PINGONS SIA, based on 100% private Latvian capital, is the high-quality socks manufacturer in Latvia, with more than 15 years of experience in this field. An increasing part of our production is exported to the European, Scandinavian, Russian and Baltic states market.
Pingons SIA over the years invested in more and new machines. We employ approx. 90 people and have production facilities of more than 4,500 m2.
Investments in the machinery make it possible to produce every month hundred thousands pairs of socks using the latest technological advances.
We are very conscious that socks, machines and investments cannot do it all. The company’s biggest active is the people who administrate the technology, ideas, marketing and all the work in general. With a good teamwork we are able to combine these elements and achieve success.

The utmost attention is paid to the production of high quality socks. The usage of yarn from western suppliers makes socks especially attractive.

The customers and the market are the centre of our attention and it is therefore our primary objective to be ready for – and willing to change in order for us to keep matching the demands and expectations that are made to an innovative textile company today.

The major target of our marketing policy is to increase the number of customers who prefer socks under private label. Increased competition in the new market economy makes us constantly develop our potential production abilities to keep the current trade ties and to successfully establish new ones.